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Gamme V2 tentGamme V2 tent

Cutting edge technology for the foldable tents.


Easy as ABC you will need only your hands only to set your stall up. Without removing the roof two people can set the tent up.

V2 tent range:
Priority to performance

The V2 tent allows you to cover an area between 9 and 25m² in less than 30 seconds.


Technical sheet

User manual

tentes pliantes V2

V2 tent :
the cutting edge technology.

Brand new innovation from our R&D service, this range of foldable tents impresses everyone. We focused on the way of opening it, its looks and the safety it brings to you.

Pièces de jonctions de la structure du stand Vitabri V2
Roulette amovible stand V2
Chariot Coulissant de la structure du stand Vitabri V2

Its exclusive system of elevating the tent through gas springs is very innovative.



caractéristiques techniques de la tente pliante V2
Junction parts
Pièces de jonctions stand Vitabri V2

They ensure a link between reinforced crossbeams through polyamide and  glasfiber screeds. The soft mechanical specifications of these screeds allow the frame to absorbe efforts.

Sliding locking system
Chariot Coulissant stand Vitabri V2

It is on Teflon and slide all along the upper leg to lock in the hook while setting up the roof (patented system).

Streamlined feet
Pieds profilés stand Vitabri V2

It integrates grooves to fix the side panels. The guidance band ABS improves sliding between upper and lower legs.

Removeable casters
Double roulette amovible stand Vitabri V2

It allows to transport the frame. Once the stall is folded, the spanner allows to retire each caster.

La semelle stand Vitabri V2

The aluminium alloy base plate ensure reliability anytime and anywhere. We have especially designed it to make it easier when you need to fix weights, guying kit and other accessories (threshold bar for example).

Vérins à gaz stand Vitabri V2

They are made up of tube including gas where a piston moves. There are 8 per canopy which elevate the frame (patented technology).

Capot haut stand Vitabri V2

This part in polyamid and glasfiber is the meeting point between crossbeams. The upper cap integrates in his mass an inox insert made for receiving ballasting ring.

tente pliante solarius

Solarius V2 tent

tente pliante V2 garden

Garden V2 tent


Habillage d'un stand Vitabri

One roof may not be enough !

To cover a canopy is question of taste. VITABRI provides many options.

Any covering of the V2 + V3 product range provides the client a marketing platform.

VITABRi stitching and sewing service offer many opportunities to our clients to market their products.


Make a good impression !

Our printing workshop is an important service at VITABRI.

A printed canopy allows to create an attractive and genuine communication. It will ensure an awareness anytime and anywhere.

We have chosen quality innovative printers that are at the cutting edge and environmental friendly. This decision and know-how allows us to be reactive, flexibel and competitive.



Fabrics and colours

our Technical textiles

drapeau Europe
Our fabrics are the finest manufactured in Europe and selected by our deticated team to meet the demands of our clients and the climatic conditions. Our M2 PVC or Polyester materials  meet Vitabris high standards.


Available colours

White, blue or black PVC ; red and yellow Acrylic and grey, green Polyester…there are many choices in terms of colours. Originality and simplicity is our objective.. You have a choice !! Remember a VITABRI canopy is a quality product.

Options for the V2 tent

Support de barre de renfort V2

The support for the strengthening bar

With the universal locking system are removeable screw, that can contain up to two bars.

Barre de renfort V2

Multi-function strenghtening bar

You can hang the US skirt (up to 80kg) : this allows arrangement and safety of equipment needed for any activity (shelves, hanging rail, …)

Clip d'attache V2

V2 clip system

Allows you to hang product to the cross bars.

Indexeur V2

Universal locking system

Removeable. Must be on the upper part of the leg. The universal locking system allows to adjust any V2 options.

kit de fixation permanente pour tente pliante V2

V2 ground anchoring system

This is the top of the range security system which will maintain your tent to the ground thanks to an anchoring floor system. This solution is very practical and aesthetic.

kit de fixation permanente double pour tente pliante V2

Double V2 ground anchoring system

This is the top of the range security system which will maintain several tents to the ground thanks to an anchoring floor system. This solution is very practical and aesthetic.

Magasin de lestage V2

Guying and ballasting

Many equiment adapted to the V2 secure the canopy against strenghtening wind resistance (example : weight)

Driss et ratchet

Ratchets & halyards

Ratchet : optimal tension thanks to pawls

Dimensions : 180mm x 60mm x 30mm.
Fabric :zinc steel/ PA6.6 30% glasfiber.
Weight : 0,324 kg.


Halyards, very strong and light fabric

Dimensions : ø8 x 3000 mm.
Fabric :white polyamide.
Weight : 0,09 kg.

Barre de seuil stand Vitabri V2

The threshold bar

Allows the US skirt to be held to the tent.

Spot LED Stand V3

LED light

Spotlight manufactured in an alloy of moulded aluminium and tempered glass which prevents condensation. The led light is anti corrosive, dustproof, IP65 waterproof and shakeproof. Reflector in aluminium to a better light layout.

Specifications :
Strength : 30W
Tension : AC180-245V
Ray angle : 120 °
Light streaming : 90 lm / W

Dimensions :
Length : 225 mm, Width : 130 mm, Height : 185 mm

Bracons V2

Safety kit

Wales can be integrated into the structure and braces can be added to strengthen the frame.


This kit is available for V2 pop up tents of 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m and 4m x 6m.

Kit de chauffage stand Vitabri V2


A quartz heating generates a radiant heat just like the sun. It means that it warms people and objects instead of warming the ambient air. Thanks to its ceiling mount holder, the heating can be turned wherever you want. Its design is light and discreet and it is also a very effective product.

Specifications :
- Locking system via junction collars.
- Strength : 230V / 1500W / 650A
- Minimum required distance from the ground : 2m

Technical recap

Mast Dimensions (m) Folded dimensions (m) Weight (KG) Roofing height (m) Height under valence (m)
Garden V2 tent 1 5 x 5 0,80 x 0,80 x 2,67 129 5,17 2,47
Solarius V2 tent 1 3 x 3 0,50 x 0,50 x 1,75 81,8 3,61 2,06
5 x 5 0,60 x 0,60 x 2,00 121 4,28 2,245
2 3 x 4,5 0,60 x 0,60 x 1,75 92,4 3,61 2,06
4 x 6 0,65 x 0,75 x 2,25 115 4,40 2,47

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