Make a good impression !

Our printing workshop is an important service at VITABRI.

A printed canopy allows to create an attractive and genuine communication. It will ensure an awareness anytime and anywhere.

We have chosen quality innovative printers that are at the cutting edge and environmental friendly. This decision and know-how allows us to be reactive, flexibel and competitive.


  • Numeric

    icone vitabri impression numérique

    This process is similar to inkjet printing with this method we are able to obtain quality print


    visuel impression numérique vitabri HP


    High definition printing on PVC and Polyester which is environmentally friendly.



    • High definition images are required.
    • Eco-friendly printing (no solvent used).
    • UV-resistant (3 years)
    • For PVC and Polyester.



  • Stencil and silkscreen printing

    icone vitabri pochoir et sérigraphie

    This method is available in 3 colours and for small quantities. A stencil is placed on the PVC. The paint is directly made on the PVC. This manual process requires precision and patience (on PVC only).


    impression sérigraphie et pochoir Vitabri


    Silkscreen printing is the industrial method of stencil and allows printing on big series and in 5 colours (maximum).



    • Stencil printing : small series
    • Silkcreen printing : large series
    • Logos of 3 colours for stencil printing and 5 colours for silkscreen printing (high definition images)
    • On PVC only
    • Very resistant



  • Sublimation

    icone vitabri impression sublimation

    This is printed on polyester. The ink is then absorbed which will be exposed to 200° C within a few minutes. During this exposure, the ink will be converted into gas and infiltrate the fabric.


    impression par sublimation Vitabri


    The result ensures that it will resist to extreme weather resistance. We recommand this printing method for total covering (only available on polyester for sublimation).

    This method has to be preferred for total covering (on specific polyester for sublimation only).



    • High definition/vectorised logos are required.
    • Resist to frictions
    • Can bewashed.
    • Specific polyester for sublimation only.
    • The ink infiltrates the textile