The specialist in sales and hiring of foldable canopies

  • NEW T3 : Unique and patented concept of folding tent with a sloping flat roof

Vitabri is for anyone, anywhere and anytime…

Vitabri’s strength comes from the concept he launched in France: the manufacturing of lightweight, movable outdoor equipments, easy to handle, in a constant evolution and more and more innovating.

The specialist in sales and hiring of foldable canopies

Vitabri has been a french manufacturer since 15 years and offers a wide range of foldable canopies, easy and quick to erect. Choose our foldable canopies according to the use.

V2 tent

A foldable tent that is strong innovative and stylish.
tente pliante V2

The foldable canopy V2 is the most recent creation of Vitabri. Thanks to 3 years of R&D, the V2 has the most technological advances in terms of foldable canopies. At the forefront of innovation, the patented deployment assistance system allows you to cover spaces from 9 to 25m² without any effort. These canopies are approved by the French Office for Homologation of Tents, Tops and Frames (BVCTS)

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V5 tent

Perfect union between sturdiness, ligthness and aesthetics
tente pliante V5

VITABRI has launched its brand new pop up frame V5 to meet client’s demanding expectations.

Combining V2 and V3 best technical specifications, the V5 canopy is the result of robustnes, lightness and design.

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V3 tent

A foldable tent that is light, user-friendly, resistant and customised.
tente pliante V3

The foldable canopy V3 is VITABRI’s flagship product. Available in many different sizes, colours and fabrics, it offers all possibilities for organization and customization.

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T3 stand

Folding tent with a sloping flat roof.
Stand pliant T3

This folding tent is distinguished by its flat roof, which is inclined thanks to its unique and patented system for indexing the framework.

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Nomad Shop

A smart nomad equipment system for your own outdoor mobile shop.
barnum pliant nomad shop

Nomad Shop is a simple and easy solution to adapt your V3 stall to your business. This new patented equipment is versatile and easy to set up – shelves, counters, hanging rails plus a lighting system for a shop in no time at all !

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What's happening ?

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02 Apr 2021

VITABRI obtains the Imprim'Vert label

VITABRI has obtained the Imprim'Vert label, the first worldwide environmental recognition for the graphic industry. The aim of this label is to encourage companies involved in printing activities to take concrete action to reduce the impact of their activity on the environment.

Imprim'Vert is based on a set of specifications based on five criteria
- proper management of hazardous waste
- safe storage of hazardous liquids
- no use of toxic products
- environmental awareness among employees and customers
- monitoring energy consumption.

Because we are all stakeholders in our environment, choosing Imprim'Vert is the assurance of a commitment to respect the planet!