Pop up gazebos

Discover our range of innovative, high-quality professional gazebos. Our popup gazebos are easy to put up, strong and durable.

Your professional popup gazebo

Our products are the fruit of constant research and innovation and have been granted numerous patents. What we offer you is the benefit of over 25 years of know-how to ensure your events take place in the best possible conditions.

All our PREMIUM popup gazebos are designed in France and certified “Origine France Garantie”. They are easy to put up and offer limitless possibilities for customisation.

Each range has a different look and robustness.

  • The V2 has a number of high-tech features (available in 4 sizes, from 3 x 3 m)
  • The V3 is lighter in weight and more affordable (available in 20 sizes)
  • The V5 combines the best of the other two V ranges (available in 3 sizes)
  • The T3 and T5 have flat sloping roofs (2 x 4 m)

Which model to choose?

Tell us what your criteria are, where and when you will be using your gazebo and we will advise you on the best model for you. You will receive a personalised quote based on your precise requirements.

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Do you want to buy a popup gazebo?

It's not about choosing the "right" model, but the one that corresponds to the use you envisage: sport, events, shop, community, café-hotel-restaurant, emergency service, building site, etc.