Innovation is another of the core values we seek to uphold on a daily basis. And to prove it, we have filed ten patents in 25 years, all of them with the aim of making your VITABRI folding gazebo easier to use.

Examples of patents filed

The gas-spring assisted automatic opening system and the sliding carriage system that allows the upper and lower parts of the legs to slide over each other on our V2 and V5 ranges are both patented. These major innovations allow a 25 m² gazebo to be put up by 2 people in just a few seconds.

Our NOMADSHOP merchandising system, which includes:

  • a 3-position awning to protect customers from the weather and carry your brand
  • a counter to receive visitors
  • shelves to display goods

is also patented and the subject of a registered trademark.

Innovative designs and trademarks

We have also registered numerous designs and trademarks to make VITABRI an innovative company and a leader on its market.

These trademarks, patents and designs all form an integral part of our strategy of permanent innovation.

For many years, we have also been a member of BPI France EXCELLENCE, a network of innovative companies in France.