Gazebos for local authorities

Local authorities have been relying on us to provide gazebos for their events for years. Reception tent or gazebo for commercial purposes: our popup gazebos lend themselves to many different uses. You can rent or purchase them off us.

Festivities and ceremonies: reception and exhibition tents

Is your town organising an event? Opt for a popup gazebo that corresponds to your use (dimensions, coverings). VITABRI’s 100% French innovations live up to their promise: ruggedness, safety and optimised logistics!

Our gazebos can be put up in less than a minute and are easy to collapse and stow. A boon for your installation teams. That doesn’t make them any less strong or weatherproof: come wind or rain, you’ll be out of the elements.

There are several models to choose from, in sizes ranging from 2 x 2 m up to the large folding tent measuring 5 x 5.

We also have 300 popup gazebos available to rent, for your one-off events.

Markets: complete market stall gazebos

Town centre and street trading managers have to consider a number of issues:

  • attracting visitors to their market with stalls that meet a common standard, but can still be customised,
  • modern, new equipment,
  • saving time on setting up,
  • ensuring stalls are safe and secure thanks to a permanent ground anchor system.

VITABRI’s market stall gazebos meet all of these criteria.

Planning a trade fair, exhibition, sporting occasion or tourist event? We can help you choose the right model of popup gazebo and the options that will be useful to you.

Do you need pop up gazebos for your community events?