Manufacturing of made-to-measure gazebos

If our standard models are not exactly what your organisation needs, we can produce a made-to-measure gazebo for you. We have our own in-house design office, additive 3D printing machines and a prototyping workshop. We manage the entire production process internally and have a network of local partners for our subcontracting needs.

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Our expertise and responsiveness for your custom creations

VITABRI has turned the main stages in the manufacturing of a fast-opening folding gazebo into an integrated value chain, which allows us to be very responsive and offer you a 100% made-to-measure product.

Our expertise in mobile outdoor popup equipment means we are able to offer custom manufacturing that takes account of the specific features requested by our customers. Our design department, additive 3D printing, prototyping workshop and sewing workshop allow us to combine fast turnaround times and quality.

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What are your specific requirements for a made-to-measure gazebo?

  • A specific clearance under the valance?
  • A roof with a particular slope?
  • A made-to-measure covering or special panels?
  • Specific dimensions?

We are capable of producing quality custom products quickly, whilst maintaining the levels of safety we have been committed to for 25 years.

Do you need a made-to-measure gazebo?