Accessories and equipment

Poids de lestage double V3

Interlocking weights

2 interlocking weights of 15KG each to make one bloc of 30KG. Easy to carry. Perfect for 4 feet next to each other.

Dimensions : 388 x 175 x 60 mm.
Material : Ductile fonte.
Weight : 15 / 30 kg.

Chaise pliante

designed chairs

Lot of 6 pop up chaises on a rack. Several available colours

Kit penderie NomadShop

NomadShop option : hanging rail

The NomadShop hanging rail set has 2 chandelles and 2 bars to carry hangers. They can be adjusted up to 12 positions thanks to indexers.

Colour : light grey
Material : anodised aluminium

Table pro pliante alimentaire

Food Pro table

Material :
100% aluminium, junction parts in polypropylen including 30% of glasfiber Splay aluminium plate.

Dimensions :

  • 700mm x 700mm (square, 4 feet, 1 plate)
  • 700mm x 1330mm (rectangular, 4 feet, 1 plate)
  • 700mm x 2600mm (rectangular, 6 feet, 2 plates)


5 positions – from 765mm to 1045mm

Fixation au sol V3

V3 ground anchoring system

This is a top quality security system which will secure your tent to the ground thanks to an anchoring floor system. This solution is very practical and aesthetic.

Collier souple V3

The connecting collar

It allows to assemble 2 stalls together.

clip d'attache pour tente pliante v2

V2 clip system

Allows you to hang product to the cross bars.

Magasin de poids de lestage


The storehouse for weights is adapted to V2 stalls. It allows the installation of the stall with reinforcing its resistancy to wind.

Marquise amovible V3

Removeable awning

The V3 removeable awning ensures the following role :

- Protecting people
- Promotional use

It is placed under the stall valence thanks to specific collars. You can choose which position you would like to adapt.

NomadShop option : standard plates

The NomadShop shelf kit has 2 chandelles and 3 shelves. They can be adjusted up to 12 positions thanks to indexers.

Plate witdh : 300mm
Plate thickness : 2mm
Plate colour : light grey
Material : anodised aluminium

NomadShop option : inclined shelves

The NomadShop inclined shelf kit has 2 chandelles and 3 shelves. They can be adjusted up to 12 positions thanks to indexers. The ‘Z’ form of plates allows them to be inclined.

Plate width : 300mm
Plate thickness : 2mm
Plate colour : light grey
Plate material : anodised aluminium

NomadShop option : bar

The NomadShop bar has 2 chandelles and 2 plates. They can be adjusted thanks to indexers.

Plate width :300mm
Plate thickness : 2mm
Plate colour :light grey
Material:anodised aluminium

Driss et ratchet

Ratchets & halyards

Ratchet : optimal tension thanks to pawls

Dimensions : 180mm x 60mm x 30mm.
Fabric :zinc steel/ PA6.6 30% glasfiber.
Weight : 0,324 kg.


Halyards, very strong and light fabric

Dimensions : ø8 x 3000 mm.
Fabric :white polyamide.
Weight : 0,09 kg.

Bâche de sol

Ground panel

Fabric in polyester coated on 2 sides with PVC.
Quality and resistant fabric.
System to avoid sliding.
Softness of the ground panel adaptable to any type of grounds.
Available in all the VITABRI tent range.



Table Pro pliante vitabri

Pro tables

Fabrics :
100% aluminium, junction pieces in polypropylen (with 30% glasfiber), clips in inox, plate Metzaforme.

Dimensions :
700 x 700mm (square 4 feet, 1 plate)
700 x 1330mm (rectangular 4 feet, 1 plate)
700 x 2600mm (rectangular 6 feet - 2 plates)
5 heights for feet between 765mm and 1045mm

Flightcase de transport


4 available dimensions for your V3 stalls,4 flat corners, 2 EasyBox lockings, 4 embadded handles, 4 blue Pro casters with 2 including brakes (6 casters with 3 includings brakes for the flightcase for the V3 hexa).

mur + kit mur coulissant pour tente pliante vitabri

Sliding panel

Curtain effect to create an opening according to your needs. A YKK® closure allows to open and close the panel anytime.

chauffage radiant


A quartz heating generates a radiant heat just like the sun. It means that it warms people and objects instead of warming the ambient air. Thanks to its ceiling mount holder, the heating can be turned wherever you want. Its design is light and discreet and it is also a very effective product.

Eclairage LED

Led lighting system (auto adhesive strips)

Flexibel auto adhesive LED strip of 5 meter long including 150 white LED lights every 33mm. Metallic protection and against humidity. Can be cut. Ray angle of 120°

Dimensions : (L x w x h) 5020mm x 8mm x 3mm

Voiles publicitaires


Because your tent is your most important communication tool, VITABRI has created a complete range of flags and banners adaptable to your canopy and your environment. Designed and manufactured according to VITABRI values - quality and simplicity - our communication accessories are fully customizable to your colors. Get noticed by choosing VITABRI.

Our complete range of top rated flags and banners – in terms of resistance and visibility – can be used for indicating events, sporting events, at a trade shows, as an advertising, etc.

- Optimal visibility
- Simple set up and transport
- Adapted to any field
- Extreme resistance, bends but will not break

bandeaux amovibles imprimés pour tente pliante vitabri

Printed removeable valences

Customise quickly your VITABRI stall thanks to these removeable valences. Available in many fabrics.

Housse de transport pour murs de stand Vitabri V3

Panels protective cover

2 strap
Crystal sleeve (A5 shape) on the front
Closure through zip
Resistant to 25kg

Outside fabric : 1200D polyester coated PVC, Inside fabric : 190T polyester coated PU, Straps in Nylon

Dimensions :
600mm x 550mm x 150 mm

Support de voiles Stand V3

Flag support

Greater visibility thanks to this support allowing the customer to fix a flag to the canopy.

Sac de lestage

Ballast bag

The ideal solution and easy to no extra weights. The windset is not bulky at all. Once full of water or sand, your tent will be secured on the ground. Weight : 33 Lbs

Poids de lestage simple

Weight 15KG

Thanks to the extra weights in cast iron and their unique design, you will secure your tent to the ground and from the elements.
Spot LED Stand V3

LED light

Spotlight manufactured in an alloy of moulded aluminium and tempered glass which prevents condensation. The led light is anti corrosive, dustproof, IP65 waterproof and shakeproof. Reflector in aluminium to a better light layout.

Specifications :
Strength : 30W
Tension : AC180-245V
Ray angle : 120 °
Light streaming : 90 lm / W

Dimensions :
Length : 225 mm, Width : 130 mm, Height : 185 mm

Réalisations sur mesure

Customised products

Require a customised canopy ? We can supply.

Piton acier peint

Steel piton Ø16

Dimensions : Ø16 x 400 mm.
Material : painted steel.
Weight : 0,71 kg.

Piton acier peint

Steel piton Ø11

Dimensions : Ø11 x 400 mm.
Material : painted steel.
Weight : 0,28 kg.