Custom printing on your gazebo canvases

Customising a popup gazebo with digital printing is by far the most common technique to create value for your gazebo.

Atelier d'impression numérique
Atelier d'impression par sublimation
calandre de sublimation
Atelier de découpe numérique

Our printing department

Our printing department is a truly integrated large-format digital print shop:

  • 320 cm-wide latest generation printers.
  • A 320 cm wide transfer calendar machine,
  • A large-format cutting table, 6 x 3.2 m wide.

Skilled technicians with solid experience in the graphic arts can help you to choose your graphics according to the use you want to make of your gazebo.

Imprim vert

An environmentally friendly printing service

The integration of these large-format printing machines and our 20-plus years of experience and know-how in this field allow us today to provide a competent, responsive and competitive service. And all of this while respecting the environment: our printing service is certified IMPRIM’VERT.

Don’t forget that printing adds value to your gazebo by enabling you to communicate in an original, varied and attractive way. It will give you unmatched visibility.

Wetransfer Yousendit

Send us your high-resolution files

A professional quality printing result will, to a large extent, depend on the resolution and format of the files provided.

Vector files are ideal, but for photos, it is imperative that the scale of your visual be (at least) 1/4 of the actual size, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Files can be submitted in different formats – .psd (Adobe Photoshop), .eps, .jpg, .pdf, etc.

So-called “high-definition” files of this type will be too big to send by email. It’s better if you use a FTP or a large file transfer website.

Vitabri recommends: and

If that’s complicated for you, don’t worry. Our printing technicians will guide you and make sure that the quality of your printing lives up to your expectations.