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Our fabrics are the finest manufactured in Europe and selected by our deticated team to meet the demands of our clients and the climatic conditions. Our M2 PVC or Polyester materials  meet Vitabris high standards.


Available colours

White, blue or black PVC ; red and yellow Acrylic and grey, green Polyester…there are many choices in terms of colours. Originality and simplicity is our objective.. You have a choice !! Remember a VITABRI canopy is a quality product.

  • Acrylic

    Perfect finishing and resistance to UV. Longlife colours.

    This high range fabric is made up of acrylic fiber for an outdoor use which resists to sunny weather.

    See fabric specifications
  • Cristal PVC

    This transparent fabric is used for windows and panoramic roof and sides. It complies with fire regulations (M2 – NF P92-503).

    Available colours: 
    Couleur n°

    See fabric specifications
  • Micro-punched PVC

    This woven coated fabric called Plastisol allows the light appear and protects from heat and UV. It perfectly complies with the M1 fire regulation ( M1 – NFP92-503).

    See fabric specifications
  • PVC for M2 Pack

    The white PVC 480 g/m² is certified M2. It is  waterproof and resistant to UV and inclement weather. It can be used when temperatures are below 25°C.

    Available colours: 
    Couleur n°

    PE6X02/ 20
    See fabric specifications