Our manufacturing workshop

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atelier de montage
mise en place de toit sur structure
atelier de production

Frame workshop


Our Frame Manufacturing  Department, has a team of professional technicians who are there to provide the  perfect Vitabri canopy. 2 assembly lines : V2 and V3 frame

Vitabri have fifteen  canopy sizes  to choose from

  •     aluminium profiles manufacturing
  •     part processing
  •     roof and panel assembly on frame
  •     stock management
  •     packaging chain
  •     dispatch planning

Our team provide an after sales service on all our products..

Sewing Service


The Vitabri Sewing Department can adapt to both small and large production needs. Our sewing team can offer a bespoke sewing service if requested. This service located in France allows us to manage successfully orders and to create valuable gazebos.

Our plus : welding solutions at the cutting edge of technology !

Please contact us for specific needs. We will be happy to help you out.



VITABRI  are now offering a canopy up-grade service. It is an ideal opportunity for our clients to revitalise their canopy. Our team will be happy to share with you its expertise and know how it terms of confection techniques, fabric choices and covering options.

Keep your frame and just upgrade its covering to get a fresh look for your brand image.