Market stall gazebo

The most suitable gazebo for itinerant market traders is our V3 PRO model. A lightweight, sturdy folding gazebo that is quick to put up and just what you need to present your goods attractively.

It just so happens that Vitabri was founded in 1997 by the son of itinerant trader who wanted to modernise market traders’ equipment. So, are you ready to make an impact at the market?

Barnum pour marché

Set out your stall in a market stall gazebo

The market stall gazebo is foldable, modular, lightweight and extremely quick and easy to put up. When you arrive at the market, putting up your gazebo will be a mere formality. It unfolds simply – no need remove and put back the canopy –, leaving you more time to unload your van and set out your goods on the stall.

With its aluminium frame, the gazebo is strong and will stand the test of time. It provides effective (indispensable!) protection against the weather. The gazebo is designed to withstand the wind and rain, featuring a genuinely waterproof roof.

Choose a gazebo in 2 x 4, 3 x 3, 3 x 4.5 or 2.7 x 4. Available in numerous sizes and colours!

Barnum pliant pour marché

Customise your gazebo

Our print shop can customise the gazebo for you, with your logo, a photo, a background and so on. We can print on all the covering surfaces.

You can add a removable valance or a wall, which will give you more space to customise your gazebo and promote your business.

Wherever you go, your market stall gazebo goes with you, guaranteeing you maximum visibility.

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Options for market stall gazebos

Display your goods to their best advantage by adding shelves or a counter. And why not add anchorings or reinforcements for total peace of mind during the entire the market?

A wide range of separate accessories is available for the V3 PRO gazebo, including:

Don’t hesitate to ask for our advice or a quote for the accessories you need.

We can help you by offering you tents adapted to outdoor sales

Attract customers to your stall

with a customised gazebo

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Durable, stable and resistant in all weather conditions

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