The permanent, temporary, occasional or regular use of a gazebo requires a few safety measures. Whatever the use you make of it, a popup gazebo must always be securely fastened down.

Discover our safety equipment designed to weight, tie or fasten down your gazebo to optimise its service life and comply with the safety rules applicable to places receiving the public.

Accessories for securing popup gazebos

Although our professional gazebos are robust, certain precautions need to be taken to guarantee the safety of everyone at your events and interventions.

Installing a gazebo requires attaching it to the ground with wind-resistant fastenings that will stabilise the structure, whatever the type of surface underfoot. Weighting accessories, tie-down equipment and permanent fastenings enable you to accommodate staff and host visitors in total safety.

  • On hard ground, you can choose weighting accessories.
  • On loose ground, you will need pegs and guy ropes.

Strong, high-quality professional equipment

Gazebos and marquees that can accommodate over 49 people are subject to standard CTS 37 in France. Our products undergo independent wind tunnel tests as well as various tests at our outdoor showroom to guarantee this standard is met. Not that it relieves you of the need to properly secure your gazebo!

As a manufacturer, we can give advice on the best way to make sure your gazebo is secure and safe.

Do you need accessories to secure your professional folding gazebo?