Popup stalls for outdoor market

Make your outdoor market more appealing with modern, innovative and good quality popup stalls. A well-organised, well-equipped market attracts more visitors!

Barnums de marché professionnels

Professional market stall gazebos

Opt for professional equipment with robust, durable folding market stall tents.

Two advantages:

  • Quick and easy to put up and take down every day for itinerant market traders,
  • Safety of staff and customers guaranteed with our permanent ground anchors for market pitches.

VITABRI supports you with its professional market stall gazebos and its experience in the field.

Barnums de marché

Make your market more attractive with a harmonised look

How can you boost the fortunes of your outdoor market? By creating a harmonised look across all the stalls.

To customise our market stall gazebos:

  1. Choose your gazebo covering: canopy, walls, doors, windows and entrance trims, awnings, etc.
  2. Print the panels with any logos, photos or decorations you want, to give your market a makeover.
  3. Accessorise your stalls with counters, shelves, hanging rails, communication tools, lights, heaters and other useful equipment. Several accessories are compatible with market stall tents.

Our stall gazebos are entirely customisable: contact us for more information.

Tentes de marché

VITABRI market stall gazebos

The V3 (hip roof) and T3 (sloping flat roof) models are foldup gazebos specially suited to outdoor markets.

These gazebos are:

  • The lightest and easiest to use,
  • Designed for intensive use,
  • Available with a wide range of options and in a large number of sizes (from 2 x 2 to 3 x 6),
  • Durable.

We’ll work with you to decide which model and size best meet your needs.

Town centre and street trading managers have to consider a number of issues: safety, communication, logistics, etc. Our professional gazebos can provide answers on all these criteria.

Draw more local shoppers and tourist visitors to your market by revamping your stalls.

Attract visitors to your market

with stalls that meet a common standard, but can still be customised

Benefit from modern, new equipment

that is made in France and boasts many innovative features

Save time on setting up

with our gazebos that unfold in seconds.

Guarantee the safety of all

thanks to a permanent ground anchor system.