3 x 6 gazebo

The 3 x 6 gazebo is the largest popup gazebo in our V3 range.

Our gazebos are made in France in keeping with eco-friendly policies. We are constantly innovating to make our popup gazebos easier to use and guarantee them a long service life.

VITABRI also offers around fifteen other gazebos in all sizes from 2 x 2 m upwards.

Barnum 3x6

The V3 PRO range 3 x 6 gazebo

The V3 PRO gazebo is one of VITABRI’s best-sellers: compact, quick to put up and take down and very strong. It can be erected for a day or a few days with the right anchoring systems.

The characteristics of the 3 x 6 gazebo are:

  • Weight: 54.9 kg
  • Height to roof peak: from 3.10 m to 3.26 m
  • Height to valance: from 1.95 m to 2.11 m
  • Gazebo dimensions when folded: 0.35 m x 0.60 m x 1.565 m
Tente pliante boutique

In the V3 range, there are two types of gazebos available in 3 x 6:

  1. The V3 PRO PREMIUM certified “Origine France Garantie” comes in 20 sizes and is infinitely customisable with different fabric colours, any print you want and a multitude of accessories.
  2. The ENTRY LEVEL V3 PACK is available in three sizes, two types of fabric and three colours.
Barnum pliant 3x6

Sale of customisable 6 x 3 popup gazebos

Opt for a reliable, built-to-last VITABRI gazebo. Use it over and over again for years like our many satisfied customers: market traders, local authorities, sports clubs, associations, among others.

When you buy a 3 x 6 gazebo, you can fully customise it: coverings, accessories and markings. We can also repair it or supply spare parts and extra accessories, if necessary.