Gamme T3 tentGamme T3 tent


VITABRI presents its new T3 range of quick-assembly outdoor mobile equipment that combines robustness and aesthetics. This stand is distinguished by its flat roof with one sloping side thanks to its unique and patented system for indexing the framework.

Available only in 2x4m size, this equipment has been specially designed for multiple outdoor uses. A real work tool for non-sedentary traders, it offers an alternative to 4-sided stands. It can be attached to a facade, allowing a temporary extension of the outdoor surface for a sedentary trader, offering a new solution for a folding pergola for a private individual and can be adapted to any other outdoor event use.

Stand pliant T3

Designed and manufactured in Besançon, this PREMIUM equipment with the Origine France Garantie label offers you a new alternative to create value in your outdoor activities.

  • Structure made of aluminium and technical plastic.
  • Available size: 2x4m
  • Closed space requirement: 0.25m².
  • Weight with PVC roof: 40,5 Kg
  • Weight with PVC roof + canopy: 43 Kg
  • Height under front valance: 2160 mm
  • Height under rear valance: 1670 mm
  • Roof top height : 2590 mm


Habillage d'un stand Vitabri

One roof may not be enough !

To cover a canopy is question of taste. VITABRI provides many options.

Any covering of the V2 + V3 product range provides the client a marketing platform.

VITABRi stitching and sewing service offer many opportunities to our clients to market their products.


Make a good impression !

Our printing workshop is an important service at VITABRI.

A printed canopy allows to create an attractive and genuine communication. It will ensure an awareness anytime and anywhere.

We have chosen quality innovative printers that are at the cutting edge and environmental friendly. This decision and know-how allows us to be reactive, flexibel and competitive.



Fabrics and colours

our Technical textiles

drapeau Europe
Our fabrics are the finest manufactured in Europe and selected by our deticated team to meet the demands of our clients and the climatic conditions. Our M2 PVC or Polyester materials  meet Vitabris high standards.


Available colours

White, blue or black PVC ; red and yellow Acrylic and grey, green Polyester…there are many choices in terms of colours. Originality and simplicity is our objective.. You have a choice !! Remember a VITABRI canopy is a quality product.

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