Produit V3 Garden tent Produit V3 Garden tent

V3 Garden pop up tent : the pointed roof

NEW : VITABRI launches a new range of pop up canopies which combine the V3 frame with  a centre pointed roof as a garden pop up style.

The V3 Garden pop up canopy can be either purchased or rented.





barre de renfort pour tente pliante V3

The multi-use strengthening bar

You can fit the US skirt to the upper part of the leg. At the lower position it becomes the threshold bar to secure the tent in case of high winds and ensure a perfect placement of the US skirt.

Fixation au sol V3

V3 ground anchoring system

This is a top quality security system which will secure your tent to the ground thanks to an anchoring floor system. This solution is very practical and aesthetic.

V3 clip system

Allows the customer to hang product to the cross bars.

Colliers rigide V3

The junction collar

Easy to fix on the whole foot, any V3 option can be used with this collar.

Collier souple V3

The connecting collar

It allows to assemble 2 stalls together.

Poids de lestage simple

Weight 15KG

Thanks to the extra weights in cast iron and their unique design, you will secure your tent to the ground and from the elements.
Piton acier peint

Steel piton Ø11

Dimensions : Ø11 x 400 mm.
Material : painted steel.
Weight : 0,28 kg.

Piton acier peint

Steel piton Ø16

Dimensions : Ø16 x 400 mm.
Material : painted steel.
Weight : 0,71 kg.

Driss et ratchet

Ratchets & halyards

Ratchet : optimal tension thanks to pawls

Dimensions : 180mm x 60mm x 30mm.
Fabric :zinc steel/ PA6.6 30% glasfiber.
Weight : 0,324 kg.


Halyards, very strong and light fabric

Dimensions : ø8 x 3000 mm.
Fabric :white polyamide.
Weight : 0,09 kg.

Fabrics and colours


  • Plain panel

    The plain panel is recommended to protect host from bad weather or hide a element from people.

  • Sliding panel

    A YKK-zip is stitched on the panel. This panel can be used along with the sliding option to get a curtain effect. This panel is used for fonctions that need to come in and out.

  • 1/2 crystal panoramic panel

    Mur demi panoramique

    The half crystal panoramic panel has 1/2 crystal and 1/2 fabric.

  • Half panel

    This element allows to close half of the panel. A strengthening bar and collars are required to attach it on the frame.

  • Straight door and window

    The straight door can be in the middle and in the left or right side of the panel. You will close it thanks to a zip.

  • Arched door and window

    The arched door can be in the middle and in the left or right side of the panel. You will close it thanks to a zip.

  • Dormer door

    This is a large and arched door in 2 parts. Velcro strips are on the top of the door to adjust it on left and right sides together.

  • Pelmet and leg covers

    The pelmet is textile decoration that comes on the top of the valence. The leg covers finish the stall and hide with style stall feet.

  • Arches

    The arches are fixed thanks to Velcro. Same system as panels.

Technical recap

Mast Dimensions (m) Folded dimensions (m) Weight (KG) Roofing height (m) Height under valence (m)
1 3 x 3 0,35 x 0,35 x 1,575 31,8 from 3,52 to 3,68 from 1,95 to 2,11

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